Mobile Engagement Strategies in 2012 by Pat Scherer

The optimal mobile engagement strategy for your organization is NOT the “strategy-du-jour” featured in some top ten menu your friend tweeted yesterday. It is the intersection of your unique answers to 3 questions we are going to explore in detail if my “Mobile Engagement Strategies in 2012” presentation is voted in for ProductCamp 8 in Austin this Saturday (2/18).

Mobile engagement strategies that stand the best chance for success will also leverage every useful advantage within the rapidly shifting mobile landscape. A lot has happened in this arena since I presented “Going Mobile?” last summer. We will cover the new trends, best practices and emerging opportunities for mobile products and services in 2012 and arm you with enough facts to distinguish good information from the hype, untested opinion and ill-fitting strategy-du-jour.

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Looking forward to seeing you Saturday!

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