Fast Feedback That Really Helps People – by Anna Carroll

Are you using human feedback–a fabulous, free resource that your competitors are probably ignoring too–to make better, faster decisions and more money?
Come to this workshop at Product Camp and you will leave way more equipped to use day-to-day 2 minute feedback in your team to everyone’s advantage! Whether you work with partners, contractors outside the US, employees, relatives, or anyone else, I can say with certainty that you AND all of your team members have access to valuable information that’s not being communicated.

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Leaders, and particularly technical leaders, are typically reluctant to share their observations with people they work with. I’ll quickly show you why this happens, why it’s a problem, and how to turn it around–to your advantage.

The popular impression is that giving someone feedback is like putting them (and especially yourself) in a torture chamber. The opposite is actually true. Where HELPFUL feedback flows freely and frequently, great things happen and people are HAPPIER!

You’ll get to pinpoint your own blocks to feedback and learn how to start doing feedback in the ways that will benefit your new enterprise the most!

This post added by guest blogger Anna Carroll discussing her proposed session for ProductCamp Austin 7. Read more about Anna Carroll.

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