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This is the best opportunity to introduce your brand or recruit to the Austin Product community. Our members take what they learned at ProductCamp and other hosted event back to their companies.


Attendee Snapshot (based on 2015 attendees)

  • 53% of attendees are in product management, 17% are in marketing/product marketing, and 5% work in engineering and 4% are in UX.
  • 30% of attendees are senior leaders (director or higher), 47% are managers, specialists or analysts, and 7% are students.
  • The attendees include Product Managers, Product Marketers, VP/Dir of Product Manager/Marketers, Business Development, and Startup Founders. This audience represents the most innovative, progressive thought leaders in the digital Product Management community – the very people you’re trying to reach.

What we do:

    • Two premiere day-long completely FREE “un-conferences” annually for the product management and product marketing community of Austin that attract around 300 -350 attendees who come together to teach, learn and network.
      • One in early Spring (usually February)
      • Another in early Fall (usually August)
      • 25-35 session depending on venue  (Typical months? And typical number of sessions?)
    • 6 events throughout the year. Our events are a perfect opportunity if you are interested in getting in front of the product community here in Austin and also to recruit talent in Product Management.


We offer the following sponsorship levels:



  • Limited number of spots available –  offered on a first come basis, first-served basis.
  • Branding –  Exposure to our 2200+ members via email blast. Largest size, premium placement for logo on T-shirts and a rolling PowerPoint during the event.  Logo will also appear on website and in all attendee email communications.
  • Awareness – Dedicated slide in the rotating display (rolling PowerPoint).
  • Introduction during event – Special mention, and introduction. Optional 60-second speech, during which we will display your submitted introduction slide to the entire audience.
  • Exhibit – Premium location for tabletop exhibit space throughout the event.


  • Branding– Medium-sized, prominent placement for logo on T-shirts and promotional PowerPoint.  Logo will also appear on website and in all email communications.
  • Awareness– Dedicated slide in the rotating display (rolling PowerPoint).
  • Exhibit – Shared tabletop (2 sponsors per table) exhibit space throughout the event


  • Recruiting / Branding –  Exposure to our 2200+ members via email blasts with exclusive messaging and embedded video. Spot visibility through social media.
  • Introduction during event – In-person interaction with 100+ attendees. 10 min pitch before the event starts. Various options: host a space, provide drinks & appetizer and donations.

Sponsor an event

  • Austin Female VPs in Tech companies discussion on Women Leaning-in
  • Product Management, Product Marketing and UX Speed Networking
  • Learn something in 5 minutes
  • Suggest your own Event
  • Others

Your donation is 100% tax deductible and will help grow the product community.

We are grateful for your support.