Contested Board Seats for Fiscal 2017

Presidential Candidates

Karen Kelvie
Donna Imam


My strategy as the ProductCamp Austin President is to build deeper mentoring opportunities within the ProductCamp Austin (PCA) community and expand the skillset of current community members.

In the past six months, I have been:

  1. Mentoring leaders inside and outside PCA.
  2. Organizing and kicking off professional monthly meetings to:
    • Boost the sense of community.
    • Strengthen the network.
    • Test new possibilities for revenue streams.
  3. Laying the groundwork for alliances with Agile Austin and General Assembly to:
    • Drive new sponsorships.
    • Establish additional meeting spaces.
    • Grow your networking opportunities.

For the past six years, I have been involved in multiple professional communities to build knowledge and insights:

  1. ProductCamp Austin (PCA) – 6 years.
  2. Product Austin – 2 years.
  3. Capital Factory Entrepreneur events – 4 years.
  4. Agile Austin / Lean Austin – 6 years.

I am asking for your support to become the next PCA president. I have a proven track record of listening to the needs of the community and delivering programs to build your skills.

With ProductCamp Austin, I have served as:

  • 2011 – 2014: Volunteer on the Planning Committee (helped to plan the unconferences, execute registration and do early morning signage set up so you can easily find the camp and breakout session rooms).
  • 2014: Volunteer on the Sponsor’s committee, bringing in 40% of the sponsorship dollars (to keep PCA unconference free).
  • 2015: Logistics Chair (managed the event planning for spring and fall unconferences so you can have more opportunities to present, more sessions to choose from, and all breakouts sessions on the same floor)
  • 2015 – 2016: Employer Relations:
    • Building alliances with Agile Austin and General Assembly to work towards making PCA an employer magnet.
    • Increased mentoring within PCA.
    • Re-started monthly meetings.
    • Laid the groundwork to build alliances based upon my personal credibility.
    • Recruited employers to participate in “Recruiting Roundup”.
    • Created, organized and marketed two summer events to build the PCA community and anticipation of PCA 17 (6/29/2016 – Change the Trajectory of Your Career, 7/14/2016 – Speak up! How to be a Compelling Public Speaker).
    • Drove switch to new PCA website.
    • Recruited a website-savvy volunteer to keep the PCA website updated.

I would appreciate your vote for PCA President for PCA 18 and 19. Together we are ProductCamp.

When PCA was struggling financially I jumped in and raised 200% of ProductCamp Austin’s financial target in one term. How? See here.


  1. PCA does not host regular events between ProductCamps and, the quality varies greatly
  2. PCA’s focus is on product managers and marketers
  3. Finding people to serve PCA is difficult

Top 3 things I want to do:

  1. Invigorate PCA. Improve the quality of experience and make PCA a more active organization.
    How? Host regular events. Engage Austin’s top product leadership. Host competitions.
  2. Expand PCA. Attract UX, data scientists and other roles that product depends on.
    How? Add conference tracks & events that address these roles and their overlap with product.
  3. Transform PCA. Make PCA recognizable. Attract new people & ideas. Make PCA fun to serve. How? Offer value for board members, team leads and other volunteers.