150 Monkeys in Cyberspace – by Chad Peevy

The world as we once knew it has changed.  Much like agriculture moved us from villages to large urban cities, the assembly line revolutionized manufacturing, and airplanes changed how we travel, technology has changed how we interact with one another.  But has technology interrupted the social evolutionary process?  Like the great advances of our past that we now take advantage of, a new chapter in our history has begun, a chapter I refer to as the birth of the modern marketplace.

The presentation I’ve proposed for Product Camp is grounded in research of non-human primates. After all, we share 95% of our DNA with our non-human primate cousins. It’s just that they’re better to observe than human beings – humans lie.  By observing our cousins in their natural habitat, we’re able to learn a lot about our own primal instincts and discover more about who we are at our primal core. Researchers have observed the behavior of non-human primates and extrapolated that data in order to better understand human behavior.  That research lends interesting insights for those of us in marketing.

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Human social groups like military units, church congregations, modern hunter / gatherers, and even our facebook friends are dictated by our primitive evolution. Regardless of your industry, product or service, sales and marketing is all about people and our relationships. With today’s emerging technology and consumer sophistication, it’s more important than ever to understand why we do what we do

In this presentation, I have applied research theorem, spanning over 65 years, from psychology, anthropology, sociology, biology, and several other “ology’s” to sales and marketing. By combing two concepts, cognitive social limitations and the parasocial relationships, I demonstrate how businesses can realize the benefits of social evolution.

We’ll answer these questions and more:

• How is social media interrupting our evolutionary process?

• Why are some people so exhausting to talk to?

• Why should my business hire a chief story-teller?

• How do I recognize important relationships and maintain them?

• What would happen if we took 150 monkeys and launched them into cyberspace?

This post added by guest blogger Chad Peevy discussing his proposed session for ProductCamp Austin 7. Read More about Chad Peevy.

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