Product Marketing Manager as Informal Coach – Three Things You Need to Master

To be successful, Project Marketing Managers must have more than good communication skills. They must bring the best out of the diverse team they work with on a day-to-day basis.   You practice informal coaching every day in an attempt to get ordinary people to achieve extraordinary results. If you are not getting consistent results, here's one suggestion (Tip 1 of 3): expect more out of people than they expect of themselves.  You will learn and practice a simple coaching model that you can immediately use. After a short introduction to the model and the two remaining tips, we'll break into small groups of three to practice the informal coaching process.  Join us for a fun, interactive session. This is just the type of presentation that makes Saturday's worth getting up for!

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Prod Mgmt Careers

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PM Advanced

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Byron Van Arsdale

Byron Van Arsdale, known as “the Coaches’ Coach”, is a Master Certified Coach and has trained, mentored, and coached thousands of coaches through out the world. He frequently presents workshops and keynotes at PMI and IIBA Chapters and Conferences. He’s been coaching clients since 1996 and spent nine years on Coach Inc’s Faculty.