PCA 24 Sessions

ProductCamp Austin 24 Sessions


Product Marketing, Product Management 2 – Managing Events as Products Entrepreneurs Presentation Dan Crean
Product Management 4 – Product Management Debt – Tactic or Trap? Advanced Presentation Jay Kruemcke
Product Management 5 – A product roadmap is not a project plan. So what is it? Essentials Presentation Arek Skuza
Product Marketing, Product Management 6 – Marketing went Agile: Uh Oh! Essentials Town Hall Drew Bixby
Product Management 7 – 9 Temptations of Product Owners Essentials Workshop Scott Killen
Product Management, User Experience 9 – Using Jobs Theory to align product teams Advanced Town Hall Roman Thompson
Careers, Product Management 10 – Not My First Rodeo: Lessons In Surviving Change Advanced Presentation Audrey Tiger
Product Management 11 – Roadmap Quickstart Essentials Workshop Betsy Stockdale
Careers 12 – The Relationship Driven Career Advanced Presentation Thom Singer
User Experience, Other 13 – Four Lit Macro Trends in Innovation Essentials Presentation Annie Hardy
Product Management 14 – Requirements Management for Safety-Critical Products Essentials Presentation David Hetherington
Careers 15 – Nailing The Product Interview With White-boarding Advanced Presentation Mark Stephan
Data Analytics 16 – How Many Incremental Conversions Did You Gain? Advanced Presentation Heather Grass
Product Management 17 – “Zero Defects and Zero Tech Debts”: Is it possible? Essentials Presentation Smita Kulkarni
Careers 18 – Life of the Lone Wolf: Lessons Learned as an Independent Consultant Entrepreneurs Presentation Will Scott
Product Marketing, Product Management 19 – Enterprise B2B PM – How I learned to stop listening to everyone and love the product Essentials Presentation Carson Marston
Product Management, User Experience 20 – Customer Journey Mapping: The Route to Happier Customers and Higher Profits Advanced Workshop Tom Evans
Product Management 21 – You Can Do This! Survive and Thrive in Your First Product Management Job Essentials Presentation Travis Fell
Product Management, Other 22 – Voice of Customer: Are we listening it all? Essentials Presentation Raj Kulkarni
Product Management, User Experience 23 – Event Storm: Mapping the Customer Journey Essentials Workshop Francisco Salas
Careers 24 – Leading from the Middle of a Large Product Management Org Essentials Presentation Salvador Santolucito
Other 25 – Counting without words: app prototype to empower children with transparency Entrepreneurs Presentation Mike Otten
Product Marketing, Other 26 – How to build a financial model for a startup Entrepreneurs Presentation James Kee
Product Management 27 – Models to reframe a solution to a problem statement Essentials Presentation Ross Weems
Product Marketing 28 – Five Ways to Win the Pricing Wars Using Mystical Forces Advanced Presentation Craig Andrews
Product Marketing, Product Management 29 – Gain Alignment and Allies Essentials Panel Discussion Karen Kelvie
Data Analytics, Product Management 30 – How to Add Value to Your Product with Machine Learning Essentials Presentation Lynn Pausic
Careers, Product Management 31 – How to Prioritize Your Skill Roadmap when there’s Way Too Much to Learn Essentials Workshop Caleb Smith
Product Management 32 – Will Your Product Take Off? 3 Product Lessons Learned Essentials Town Hall Rashi Jain
Product Management 33 – The Hidden ABCs of Product Management: Reveal Your Product Blind Spots Essentials Presentation Wes Galliher


2 – Managing Events as Products

One-time or annual events include Comic-Con, Apple’s WWDC, company off-sites, SXSW. wedding receptions, large family reunions, trade shows, and meetings of the American Mathematical Association. Although these are traditionally managed as projects rather than products, you can apply the principles of product management and marketing to pull off events for diverse constituencies. We will use ProductCamp Austin conference as a case study.

Presenter: Dan Crean
Dan Crean is a product manager and marketer without much of a backhand.

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4 – Product Management Debt – Tactic or Trap?

Most product managers understand the concept of Technical Debt, the concept that reflects the implied cost of engineering rework caused by choosing an easy limited solution now instead of using a better approach that would take longer.

Product Management Debt takes this concept and applies it to the business aspects of your product such as pricing, channels, charge metrics, distribution, etc.

Product managers can use product management debt as a way to circumvent obstacles to getting a product out the market faster, but like any debt, eventually it needs to be paid back.

This presentation is an introduction into the concept of product management debt and how it can help you in the face of complex challenges.

Presenter: Jay Kruemcke
Jay Kruemcke is a Senior Product Manager at SUSE. Jay is responsible for the SUSE Linux server products for High-Performance Computing, Arm, and IBM Power.

Jay has built an extensive career in product management based on being a bridge between customers and engineering teams. He has extensive experience in many areas including product positioning, driving future product directions, using social media for client collaboration, and evangelizing the capabilities and future directions of enterprise products.

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5 – A product roadmap is not a project plan. So what is it?

Product roadmap explains how to move from A to B. A is where you are, but B is where your product vision sleeps. This is the root of the difference between a project plan and a product roadmap.

During the speech, I am going to explain what a product roadmap is not and why the project plan is confused with a product roadmap.

Session plan:

A project plan doesn’t care about the value proposition. Roadmap does.

A project plan doesn’t like openness. Roadmap does.

A project plan is a guard. A roadmap is not.

A roadmap doesn’t expect an upfront estimation. A project plan does.

A roadmap creates and synchronizes priorities. A project plan converts them into action.

Presenter: Arek Skuza
I help organizations build and launch better products and embrace Artificial Intelligence. I am a result-focused, go to market strategy and product-market fit project leader.
I work with companies in areas of defining successful products, building effective product teams, and improving product development processes.

I’ve been trusted by

IKEA, Shell, Bayer, Roche, K2, PKO BP, Modoma, Discovery Networks, Allegro, and more global and local companies.

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6 – Marketing went Agile: Uh Oh!

We recently converted our Marketing team to Agile. They knew development has been using that approach for years, but they were doubtful. Marketing is not Development. The personalities are vastly different. Concerns percolated from all levels in various ways. “Agile and Scrum won’t work there!”

What were the challenges? (Hint: not everyone was on board with the idea.) What did we learn? What did we do differently? What can I take back to the Development team? What are some key ideas you can take back to your team – Development, Marketing, or otherwise?

Is it still Agile? By the time of this presentation, we may not be doing Agile – find out!

This presentation will encourage questions and contributions from all those present.

Presenter: Drew Bixby
Drew Bixby is Head of Operations & Product at Liftr Insights with 20+ years experience wearing many hats, from finance (former CPA) to entrepreneur (built & sold a company) to developer (self-taught) to Product Leader on large enterprise products yet, he is always asking “why” and seeking to learn more.

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7 – 9 Temptations of Product Owners

Poor backlog management is a major contributor to failed product releases. Effective backlog management is challenging and requires a solid understanding of the User Story life-cycle, prioritization, customer focus, refinement and more. In this session we examine nine temptations that Product owners and managers face to cut corners. Together the presenter and the audience explore why succumbing to each enticement damages the team’s ability to deliver. The takeaway is a new awareness of the importance of key backlog management practices.

Presenter: Scott Killen
Scott Killen is an Enterprise Agile Coach for Netspend. He’s held CSM, CSP, PMP, SPC, SPA and CSQE certifications and taught Agile skills to thousands in corporate, university, and non-profit settings. He founded and was President of Agile Austin, co-Chair of Keep Austin Agile 2018, President of Austin SPIN, Chair of PMI Technical Local Interest Group, and is a member of in several non-profit boards.

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9 – Using Jobs Theory to align product teams

Learn how Jobs Theory can be used to create a common language, and serve as a North Star to align Product, Design, and Development teams as they collaborate to create new products and services.

Presenter: Roman Thompson
Roman Thompson serves as a Design Thinking Facilitator for Cloud, Data, and AI at IBM. As a member of the Foundation Team, Thompson supports Data and AI design teams by facilitating “3 in the box” product strategy workshops.

Prior to joining IBM, Thompson was a strategist at the C1 Innovation Lab, served as a nurse with the U.S. Army, led company-wide performance improvement initiatives at Parkland Health & Hospital System in Dallas, and managed large-scale client implementations for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Texas. In his spare time, Thompson enjoys fishing, writing, and listening to audiobooks.

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10 – Not My First Rodeo: Lessons In Surviving Change

Careers in technology are usually marked by constant change. Has your company recently been bought or bought another company? Are you going through a merger? How about a re-org? Did your product get killed? I will share the lessons I’ve learned, including my successes and failures navigating change – so that you can be armed for nearly any situation you might encounter in 2020. Be ready to embrace the changes ahead and be seen as a leader in your organization.

Presenter: Audrey Tiger
Audrey has more than 15 years experience leading B2C, B2B, B2B2C and SaaS software product teams. She has worked with some of the best product, engineering and design talent in town and previously held product leadership positions at The Knot / XO Group, Mass Relevance / Spredfast, Convio / Blackbaud and more.

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11 – Roadmap Quickstart

When you need a roadmap…stat! Where to start, what are the various components, who cares about them, and what might the planning view look like for each object. Then let’s create a roadmap!

Presenter: Betsy Stockdale
Betsy is a Business Architect at Seilevel. She works with organizations to help develop products that users love and really brings value to the organization.

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12 – The Relationship Driven Career

Everyone has heard that “networking” matters for career success, but what does this really mean? Thom Singer has been teaching at companies and associations for over a dozen years on how to make, grow, and keep business relationships.

Those who cultivate long-term and mutually beneficial relationship are the ones who get promoted, survive company downsizing events, and are recruited to the great jobs. YES, you have to do good work, but good work alone is not enough if nobody in your industry knows you exist.

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This talk will cover ways to stand out and cultivate relationships in business that lead to more career opportunities.

Think you fall short at your businesses networking? Then you do not want to miss this session.

Presenter: Thom Singer
Thom Singer is a keynote speaker and corporate educator. He is the author of 12 books and the host of two podcasts (“Cool Things Entrepreneurs Do” and “The Digital Enterprise Society Podcast”).

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13 – Four Lit Macro Trends in Innovation

Wanna geek out on four macro trends that are lighting up global innovation efforts? Interested in sharing what you know and exploring how these could apply to your role today, tomorrow, in 5 years and beyond? This is a session for anyone interested in ramping up on emerging developments in robotics, human-computer interaction, neural networks, and human-centred design.

Expect to be introduced to some terms you may not know, share in the group what you do know about these technologies, explore exciting use cases for emerging innovations, and discuss the practical applications of these trends in your business today.

Presenter: Annie Hardy
Annie Hardy is part innovator, part design thinker, part strategist, and part entrepreneur. In her role as Senior Experience Design Visioneer at Cisco, she is responsible for pulling together external innovation insights with internal resources to build the future of digital experiences.

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14 – Requirements Management for Safety-Critical Products

Managing requirements is a key product management activity. For many products this process is quite informal. The product manager has a lot of talks with stakeholders, perhaps creates a spreadsheet or two, and maybe puts a few things into JIRA. This sort of casual process is not acceptable for products where users can die a fiery death if the product doesn’t work properly. Not only that, such safety critical products can be incredibly complex, with tens of thousands of requirements, dozens of suppliers, and large numbers of moving parts and software pieces. This talk will give a quick overview of the tools and techniques that makers of such products use to get the complexity under control and insure airtight end-to-end accountability.

Presenter: David Hetherington
David Hetherington has over thirty years of experience in Software and Systems Engineering in the Automotive, Semiconductor, Oil and Gas, Enterprise IT, Server Computer, Telecommunications, and Electronic Publishing sectors. David has deep expertise in high availability, mission critical, and safety critical systems. David received a BA in Mathematics from the University of California San Diego and an MBA from the University of Texas McCombs School of Business.​

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15 – Nailing The Product Interview With White-boarding

One of the best ways you can nail your Product Interview is to visually problem-solve with a whiteboard. Whether you’re solving a Product Design, Case Study, Estimation or Analytical question, how effectively you use the whiteboard will mean the difference between getting the job or being an incoherent mess.

In this session, Mark Stephan will walk you through the whiteboarding techniques that you can repeat again and again at companies form start-ups to Google. You’ll be shown whiteboard templates that will help you solve problems and keep your interviewer engaged and understanding where you are and going. These templates will also help you not get lost yourself.

Presenter: Mark Stephan
Product Management leader with 20 years of experience as an executive, entrepreneur, mentor, advisor to companies and individuals. Founder of ProductHired.com the web’s largest Product professional Job Board and career site. Mark is passionate about helping product people in their careers.

When not working on some start-ups or in some company, Mark helps mentor product leaders and helps them find and get the roles they desire. Mark has carried out hundreds of mock interviews and help talented individuals interview with and get into FAANG companies like Google and Facebook.

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16 – How Many Incremental Conversions Did You Gain?

One of the toughest questions for marketers to answer is how many incremental sales their ad campaigns generate.

When Google, Facebook, YouTube, Bing, etc. takes credit for driving sales for your company, are you confident that these sales wouldn’t have occurred otherwise?

We’ve developed a methodology to help answer this question. The goal of this presentation is to leave you with clarity on a topic that most agencies don’t answer well, and offer a starting template for you to take back to your internal marketing team.

Presenter: Heather Grass
Heather Grass is the Co-founder & CMO of 3rd & Lamar, a subscription media site covering Austin’s business subculture. 3rd & Lamar is funded in part by its agency and production house, 3rd & Lamar Media. Heather heads up the digital marketing services department at 3rd & Lamar Media. She has over 10 years of experience running digital marketing campaigns.

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17 – “Zero Defects and Zero Tech Debts”: Is it possible?

In this presentation, we will discuss different techniques that will increase feature velocity and accelerate time-to-market by reducing technical debts and defects. These techniques will help Product Managers, Product Owners stay free from defects and debts while helping teams continuously strive for quality products.

Presenter: Smita Kulkarni
Smita Kulkarni, MS, PMP, CSM, Certified SAFe Scrum Master (SSM) is Project Product Manager at Tista Science and Technology, helping teams build high-quality Veterans Affairs IT products. She has been in Agile for past 15 years and SAFe for past 4 years. In her current role she is providing support to organization for Lean-Agile transformation by leveraging the practices and principles of the Scaled Agile Framework® (SAFe®).

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18 – Life of the Lone Wolf: Lessons Learned as an Independent Consultant

Time to turn in the corporate storm trooper uniform? Or, maybe you’ve answered the call for one too many “let’s take on the world” worthy start-up rebel causes? Wanna try your hand at becoming a gun for hire? I’ve been through that journey. The skills you need to hunt and thrive as a lone wolf are a far cry from life with the pack – so brace yourself. Hear about my top 10 learnings – from Reputation to Referral, from Politics to Upsell, from Biz Dev to Billing and much more. Through this session, I hope to give up your saavy on living the life of a mercenary.

Presenter: Will Scott
A native of the UK and a resident of Austin Will has spent 25 years in the business product marketing and management. From multi-billion dollar corporates to hand to mouth startups – across software, services, hardware & saas offerings, He now runs his own independent product marketing and management consultancy, Steelpoint Marketing.

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19 – Enterprise B2B PM – How I learned to stop listening to everyone and love the product

Managing a B2B or Enterprise product is a bit different than being a PM for a B2C product. This interactive session will discuss some lessons learned, tips, and case studies based on my experience and research as a PM building B2B products in different industries.

Topics will include how to run experiments on B2B products, managing large customer expectations, establishing KPI’s, and setting strategies.

Interactive case studies will include how to innovate a 20 year old product used by airlines? How to prioritize a roadmap with large influential customers, and lessons learned from failed strategies.

Presenter: Carson Marston
Carson is a Product Manager who has managed products in the recreation, airline, and healthcare industries. He is currently a Senior PM at ACTIVE Network where guides a portfolio of B2B and B2C mobile products for the swimming market.

Before joining ACTIVE Network he is most proud of building products for the airline industry that allowed airlines to fly more efficiently and safer. This included a brand new tablet app built for pilots to use to identify flight specific weather conditions and other factors impacting their flight.

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20 – Customer Journey Mapping: The Route to Happier Customers and Higher Profits

Developing a Customer Journey is a powerful process to gain a much deeper understanding of who your customers are, how they interact with your product and your company, and identifying the “moments that matter” in these interactions. In this session we’ll take an in-depth look at what makes up a good customer journey process, how to develop a customer journey, and what insights can be uncovered to deliver products that are superior to the competition and more powerfully delight customers. All participants will get access to a worksheet that will get you started on your journey of mapping our customer’s journeys.

Presenter: Tom Evans
om Evans is a Senior Principal Consultant and Trainer at 280 Group and is an internationally recognized authority in product management, product marketing, international business, go-to-market strategies, business partnerships and entrepreneurship. In his extensive experience, he has helped start-ups through Fortune 500 companies create and launch winning products and has led business development efforts in the US and global markets. Tom has been responsible for successfully developing and implementing Product Management & Product Marketing methodologies at multiple companies. Tom’s experience covers numerous vertical industries, technologies, and international markets.

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21 – You Can Do This! Survive and Thrive in Your First Product Management Job

If you are looking to get into product management, new to product management or have been “voluntold” to be a product manager, this session is for you. You will soon have a development team cranking out code, a marketing team generating leads, a sales team contacting potential customers and executives funding the whole operation expecting a healthy return.

And they will all be looking to you for Product Leadership.

Leveraging best practices from industry thought leaders, this presentation examines the basics of product vision, strategy, road mapping and backlog refinement. It will give you a framework to guide your daily activities, prioritize development work, plug feedback into the development cycle and help stakeholders understand their role in making the product succeed. It also includes a work plan to put these concepts into action and learning resources to help you on your journey to product mastery.

Presenter: Travis Fell
Travis Fell has 25+ years experience in IT, data management and business intelligence for diverse organizations such as the Advisory Board Company (now Optum), Ascension Texas, Cap Gemini, Gravitant, IBM, Memorial Hermann Physicians Network, the Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the US Navy and Xerox.

He has several years’ experience leading Agile product teams. This work included developing product vision and strategy, release planning, defining executive-aligned roadmaps, engaging business users on requirements, epic and user story development, backlog refinement with architects and engineers, sprint planning, testing, sprint review and deployment.

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22 – Voice of Customer: Are we listening it all?

In a competitive product positioning environment, comprehensive product definition is an essential of product success. We need to know all that our customers expect and be able to shape our product offerings to best serve customers. Voice of Customer (VOC) is a generally used methodology to capture customer inputs. But are we really listening to our customers? Are we capturing all their voices? Do we even know who all our customers are? Are we missing significant portion of their inputs?

In this session we will brainstorm answers to these questions. We will explore untapped opportunities to capture voice of customer. We will debate avenues to better know our customers and use VOC as our differentiator.

Presenter: Raj Kulkarni
Raj Kulkarni, MBA, PMP, CSM, has held various senior leadership roles for over 30 years in engineering management, program management and product ownership. With experience from large multinationals like Dell, Honeywell, AMD, Toshiba, Raj has led numerous complex programs across concept-to-market life cycle. With passion for customer satisfaction, Raj has pursued transformational customer-centric discussions to deliver differentiated product offerings.

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23 – Event Storm: Mapping the Customer Journey

Consumer empathy it’s the key to successful product strategy, design, and marketing.

Through it we can find unanswered questions, unmet needs, and idea­ catalyzing behaviors.

To successfully create a product that fosters a positive customer experience, builds customer loyalty and satisfaction which leads to referrals for more customers, we must first understand the consumer journey.

This workshop will teach you a multidisciplinary approach to consumer journey mapping.

Event Storming is a form of organizational anthropology; it’s all about discussing the flow of events in your organization and modeling that flow in an easy to understand way. You will leave equipped with the approach, tools, and knowledge to successfully employ consumer journey mapping in product design, marketing, and business design.

Presenter: Francisco Salas
Francisco Salas is a Product Manager at Vrbo, a traveler-technology company helping people everywhere travel better together. At Vrbo, he is focused on addressing key issues for travelers and building unique products that specifically solve these challenges. He has worked in various fields including Electrical Engineer, Data Analysis and Product Management at companies like Ericsson, Apple and Vrbo.

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24 – Leading from the Middle of a Large Product Management Org

Once companies grow beyond a certain size, they must scale their Product Management organization. Most of us end up somewhere in the middle where we take higher-level strategy from stakeholders and turn that into product management plans that are executed by others down the chain.

This session will explore a number of strategies for working in this environment. We’ll cover everything from organizational structure to extracting greatness from others.

If you are in the middle, then this session is for you! If you are at the bottom of a product decision chain, then these strategies will be critical for moving up! And if you are at the top… then please come to share your perspective!

Presenter: Salvador Santolucito
Salvador is a Principal Productization Lead at National Instruments where he is responsible for a cross-section of B2B software products that are developed by a globally distributed team. He is passionate about bringing together a diverse group of stakeholders to untangle complex problems while balancing the technical, user and business requirements.

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25 – Counting without words: app prototype to empower children with transparency

I can show you how kids who don’t “get” math (easily) may actually be seeing it more clearly than those who do! It turns out children can be taught to count, into the hundreds and thousands, years before they’re old enough to memorize any of the words we associate with counting (one, two, three, and so on). Furthermore, “counting without words” empowers them with a reliable, intuitive understanding of the most important and recurring topic throughout all 6 years of elementary math: place value. Come and see how this works and explore the profound insights fueling this revolutionary discovery. This session includes test results and a demo of a mature prototype app supporting counting without words. Great for math lovers, but even better for everyone else! 1,000 times easier and gentler than anything you’ve ever done in “math” (and no annoying music or addictive hooks). Allow divisive math to fade!

Presenter: Mike Otten
I’m a passionate educator with a deep, almost pathological, commitment to preparing anything associated with learning or teaching. I’ve worked as a programmer for IBM, Microsoft, and EDS and I spent 15 years teaching college and professional Computer Science courses before entering the elementary math classroom. Since then, I’ve taught the entire 6-year sequence of K-5 math ten times over. I don’t know if I’m still “good at math”, but I do find that the harder I work as a teacher, and the deeper I dig, the more empowerment I get to witness in students.

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26 – How to build a financial model for a startup

Ever been asked for “projections” or a “pro forma” for your idea? Whether you’re pitching a new product from within a company or launching your own startup, it’s crucial to be able to quantify your idea. Here’s a six-step process for building a bullet-proof financial model, and you don’t have to be a CPA. We’re not going to be delving into formulas, but we’ll cover structure and how to meet the expectations of the money people:

– how much detail?

– what timing is expected – monthly? for how many years?

– what are drivers?

– how to present?

After searching online and finding nothing that I thought was satisfactory, I’m happy to share what I’ve learned from 30 years of experience.

Presenter: James Kee
Jim has 30 years of experience in consulting, finance and operations. With Deloitte Consulting, Jim focused on turnaround and operations improvement in industries as diverse as aerospace, retail and blood banks. At BofA, Jim accomplished a transformative cycle time reduction project and other process improvements, including implementing document imaging. Jim’s startup experience includes planning and opening new markets for Kozmo.com as well as financial modeling and strategy for Prepaired.com. Jim has built financial models for multinational corporations, major retailers, energy companies, midsize manufacturers and small startups.

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27 – Models to reframe a solution to a problem statement

As product managers sometimes we get help on both. Meaning that sometimes the organization or parts of it have already defined the problem AND the solution. This makes our jobs easier right?


Before we can make any decision, we have to ensure we understand the problem. The goal of this session is to showcase some models we can use to help us better understand the problem, and ultimately arrive at a problem statement.

Presenter: Ross Weems
Product Manager just trying to solve customer’s pain points.

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28 – Five Ways to Win the Pricing Wars Using Mystical Forces

Let the “holy wars” begin. We’ll fight back with science, psychology, and data. Pricing strategies are the battleground where good marketing dies. The HIPPO prevails, and fear drives decisions. What’s the HIPPO? It’s the HIghest Paid Person’s Opinion … and the HIPPO is always right … right?

In this session, we’ll sever the HIPPO’s pricing powers with the battle sword of psychology. Its blade has been finely honed over rounds of user testing. Excalibur withers in the shadow of its dark powers.

Half of our noble ProductCamp sponsors have clearly lost to the Pricing HIPPO. And we will show examples. Grab the hilt and unsheathe this blade to add magical power to your pricing strategy.

Presenter: Craig Andrews
Craig Andrews is the Principal Ally and founder of digital marketing agency allies4me. allies4me helps companies find strangers and convert them into high-paying customers. This is accomplished through a proven framework. A nine-stage customer value journey architects the journey from first contact to post-purchase. This framework builds trust faster. It drives revenue faster. And it strengthens customer loyalty after the purchase. Craig and the allies4me team are consummate students of psychology and use these insights to supercharge our clients’ sales engines.

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29 – Gain Alignment and Allies

It is frustrating when customers and team members need different things but don’t know what to ask for. Don’t you wish everyone gave you their requirements in the initial meeting?

Learn how to engage with Internal and external customers to identify and articulate requirements. This skill will enable you to decrease your frustration and your hours dedicated to the job.

Our panelists will represent the customer, Marketing, Sales, Developers, C-Suite, Testers, Operations, Security, Enterprise Architects, Scrum Masters, Product Managers, Product Marketing — and more if the audience requests it.

Presenter: Karen Kelvie
Karen Kelvie is a connector. She brings together ideas, people and practices. She triggers faster insights with curated information from SIGs, conferences, books and collaboration. Her recent focus has been bringing best practices from large companies to SMBs and startups. Her experience spans emerging technologies, semiconductor, networking and telecommunications in Austin and Silicon Valley.

Product Management | Product Evangelist | Marketing Strategist | Product Marketing | Sales to Engineers | Competitive Analysis | Partner Manager

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30 – How to Add Value to Your Product with Machine Learning

If you are considering incorporating machine learning (ML) or other form of AI into your product, this session is for you! Capitalizing on current or future investment in data science starts with the ability to deliver data science insights to customers, whether those customers are end-users or internal business users. However, with added layers of complexity, tooling and adaptive data sources, it can be difficult to identify features and ML strategy with the best ROI. Join us as for a rapid 30 minute discussion of the organizational process needed to identify high-value ML-driven features, how to integrate data science teams with product teams, recommended technologies to achieve success rolling out data products, and strategies for measuring the success of deployed data products.

Presenter: Lynn Pausic
Lynn is Co-founder Expero and Data Enthusiast. A wearer of many hats, her focus and first love is the intersection of complex data and user experience. Working closely with users and technologists to find the right combination of feasibility, market fit and user delight.

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31 – How to Prioritize Your Skill Roadmap when there’s Way Too Much to Learn

Product Leaders need so many skills! Tech skills, people skills, thinking skills, nunchuck skills… enough to make Napoleon Dynamite dizzy. You can’t master it all at once, so you need a plan.

We’ll borrow concepts and terminology from video games to illustrate the core skills Product Managers need at different levels of play (Jr, Lead, Dir, VP) and chart the various additional skills and certifications you may choose.

It takes time, effort, and resources to Level Up a skill. Why not be strategic about investing your learning velocity?

I won’t tell you what to learn next but will show you a simple way to roadmap the skills you want to hone and point out some paths I’ve found helpful in leveling up my product career.

Presenter: Caleb Smith
Caleb Smith, CSPO is a seasoned product manager, thinker, adventurer and communicator. He’s led teams building online training, event management tools, and communication platforms. He’s an avid student of leadership and personal growth strategies, and is an award winning humorous speaker.

Caleb has been known to ride his mountain bike too fast, randomly quote rock lyrics, make ludicrous suggestions in a dry tone, and get a little intense in group games of charades or Mad Gab. When given the choice, Caleb plays as a shadow ranger, or tactical mage, but mostly he plays papa bear to two lively boys.

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32 – Will Your Product Take Off? 3 Product Lessons Learned

We all have made mistakes in our careers, but some mistakes can cost us loss of funding, loss of customers, and even loss of a product/organization as a whole. I will discuss 3 product management lessons I have learned from my mistakes, experience and observation. These lessons are essential to launching a product, but are also equally important in growing your product.

Presenter: Rashi Jain
Rashi Jain is a Product Manager and Marketer. She specializes in technology assessment and commercialization. Having been a part of a few startups and small businesses, she has worn several hats apart from working on product. She is a firm believer in design thinking, and enjoys marketing research, data analysis and problem solving.

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33 – The Hidden ABCs of Product Management: Reveal Your Product Blind Spots

The tricky thing about blind spots – they’re tough to see! As a product manager you likely make hundreds of decisions each day for your product & team, but are you aware of all the hidden factors and considerations that go into making them?

During this presentation, you’ll learn how to identify & account for these blind spots (hint: assumptions are one example). I’ll share tips & learnings from my experience as a PM on how to avoid the risks involved in ignoring these crucial factors when you & your team make key product decisions.

Presenter: Wes Galliher
Wes has 9 years of experience in a variety of product roles at startups, enterprises, & consultancies. Currently he’s the US Business Lead at ProdPad, a product management solution built for PMs & their product team. Former PM/Manager at Pivotal Labs, & has held product leadership positions at Children’s Health and multiple digital health startups in Dallas. He’s passionate about problem-driven approaches to product that drive outcomes for both end users & businesses. With a PhD in chemistry, he loves applying a unique mix of scientific and business expertise to solve problems in structured, data-driven ways.

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