Master Class on Presentation Skills

Article by Jeremy Gorr

In June, at Conjunctured Coworking, ProductCamp Austin held its first two Master Class sessions.  These sessions involve bringing in an expert to deeply dive into a topic, with free admission for all participants.  These two classes were hosted by Thom Singer, and the topic was presentation skills.  The first class was Thom’s introduction to creating excellent presentations.  The second was a hands-on workshop, where five attendees were selected to give a five minute presentation while Thom provided suggestions for improvement.

Thom Singer 1st event

The classes were a great success.  Many ProductCamp Austin community members attended the first class and learned how to improve their presentations.  I personally can say that all the presentations I give from now on will be noticeably superior.  Thom emphasized using personal stories to grab the audience’s interest and emotions.  Powerful stories create powerful presentations, and can improve the presentation of any material.  Thom also gave many tips based on his years of work as a professional speaker.  Everyone in the audience gained the benefit of his experience as he described his transition to a better speaker and presenter.

Thom Singer event 2

The second class was fun to watch.  Every presenter took their turn, giving it their best shot.  All the presentations were high-quality and thoughtful, yet Thom found great ways to take them to the next level.  There is nothing like putting the best you can do out there in front of an audience and hearing the feedback.  All of our presenters came away with specific action items that can help improve the way they present materials going forward in their careers.

This event was only possible through the generosity of Thom Singer and Conjunctured, who volunteered their time and resources to the ProductCamp community.  It is only through sharing our knowledge and expertise that we can all grow and improve.  Look forward to many more such classes in the future, and don’t hesitate to take advantage of them – it is unique opportunities like this that make ProductCamp Austin so beneficial to the community.

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