About ProductCamp Austin

ProductCamp Austin is the premiere event for product management and product marketing professionals. ProductCamp is a FREE un-conference where your peers gather to share tips, best practices and their experience.


ProductCamp Austin is chartered as a company in the State of Texas.  The Charter shown below was ratified at the first official meeting of the ProductCamp Austin organization, convened during the PCA Summer2010 event on 7 August 2010.


ProductCamp Austin Charter

I   Name

The name of this organization (“Organization”) shall be “ProductCamp Austin”.

II   Purpose / Mission

ProductCamp Austin (also “PCA”) is a not-for-profit educational association.

PCA’s mission is to create a public forum for the exchange of technology product management and product marketing practice information, and to create opportunities for the professional development of members.
III Events, Meetings and Membership

PCA will sponsor events open to, and announced to, the general public through any means designated by the Board (as defined below). The Board may, in addition, call for special meetings limited to Board Members at the Board’s discretion.

Membership is open to all individuals interested in advancing the mission of PCA. An individual is deemed a member of PCA (“Member”) by attending one of the PCA events such as ProductCamp Austin, ProductPotluck Austin, ProductParty Austin or other networking and information sharing events organized and designated by the Board.

Members qualified as such may vote in elections or other matters of official business, which will be held in conjunction with the PCA business meeting (“General Meeting”) convened during each of the all-day format ProductCamp Austin events, scheduled 1-3 times per year.

IV   Executive Board – General Description

ProductCamp Austin shall be directed by an Executive Board (the Board). The Board is responsible for pursuing the mission of PCA and conducting its business in accordance with the terms of this charter. The Board consists of seven members (“Board Member”); the President, Treasurer, Secretary/Sustainability Chair, Marketing Chair, Sponsors Chair, Sessions Chair, Logistics Chair. Optional Emeritus Adviser(s) positions may be filled at the discretion of the Board.

Board Members are elected as described in Article VII below. Vacancies in the Board will be filled by appointment of the President with majority approval of the Board. Board Members may be removed by a two-thirds (2/3rds) vote of the Board.

Between the formation of the PCA entity and the first General Meeting, at which the ProductCamp Austin Charter shall be ratified and the Executive Board for the 2010-2011 term shall be elected, the Organization has been governed by an appointed group of Directors (“Initial Board”). As of the election of the Executive Board at the first General Meeting, the Initial Board and its members will cease to exist, collectively as the Initial Board, and individually as directors or board members of any kind and governance of the Organization will pass to the Executive Board elected as described in these Articles.

V   Executive Board – Specific Roles and Responsibilities

Aside from the primary role specified below, all Board Members are expected to assist any other Board Member as necessary to effectively advance the mission of PCA.

Responsible for leadership and overall direction of PCA. Presides over Board meetings and PCA planning team functions. Moderates planning committee, builds consensus and breaks ties where required. Serves as the public face of PCA. Responsible for understanding what makes ProductCamp a special group and event and preserving that spirit.

Responsible for managing PCA’s budget and accounts payable and receivable. Provides quarterly updates to the Board about PCA’s budget status. Signatory for PCA checks. Responsible for non-profit filings with IRS and State of Texas.

Secretary / Sustainability Chair
Responsible for defining the ongoing strategy and path to sustain and grow PCA as a mature organization for the product management and marketing community. Manages the non-event PCA website, responsible for capturing and maintaining PCA event content after-the-fact, and advising the Board on how to evolve the Organization for the future. Manages the sustainability team.

Marketing Chair
Responsible for driving messaging execution for PCA events via a variety of channels: social and traditional. Manages the marketing team, and the PCA event website, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Coordinates with the Sustainability Chair between events for ongoing website updates.

Sponsors Chair
Responsible for the recruitment of new and existing PCA sponsors. Drives funding for PCA as an operating entity and for PCA events. Main point of contact for sponsors and is responsible for establishing, building, and maintaining sponsor relationships. Defines value proposition for sponsorship and sponsorship tiers. Manages sponsors team.

Sessions Chair
Responsible for the recruitment of volunteer-led sessions at PCA events. Determines what types of sessions are in-demand, and drives PCA members to offer sessions. Runs the voting process on the day of PCA events where applicable. Manages the sessions team.

Logistics Chair
Responsible for the recruitment and coordination of PCA volunteers for a variety of activities. Runs PCA registration, setup and teardown, onsite vendor coordination, timekeepers and note-takers, materials and giveaways, and coordination with the PCA venue(s). Manages logistics team. Maintains PCA master project plan.

Emeritus Adviser(s)
Advisers appointed by majority vote of the PCA Board for the purpose of leveraging their past experience and assisting the Board on key decisions and strategy. Emeritus Advisors are not voting members of the Board.

VI   Adoption and Modification of Charter

This Charter shall be adopted and ratified by a two-thirds (2/3rds) vote of approval by the Members attending the first General Meeting, 7 August 2010, and shall remain in-force and governing with respect to the Organization until amended or until the Organization is dissolved.

This Charter may be altered or amended by a two-thirds (2/3rds) vote of Members at any General Meeting. Proposed amendments to the Charter will be posted on the Organization’s web site no less than thirty (30) days before the General Meeting at which any approval vote is planned to be taken.

VII   Elections and Voting

Board elections will be held during the General Meeting during, or closest to, the Summer each year and Board Member terms will begin immediately afterwards. Each Board Member’s term will end at the next subsequent election of Board Members as constituted herein.

Anyone may be nominated for PCA Board positions. Qualifications to serve on the Board or for specific positions on the Board may be set by the PCA Nominating Committee, made up of past PCA Board Members not running for a position in the next cycle and appointed by a majority vote of the Board.

The Nominating Committee must approve all nominations to run for the Board before they are voted on by the PCA membership. Upon the approval of the Nominating Committee, the names and biographical information of nominees will be posted on the PCA web site as soon as practical before the General Meeting at which the Board elections will be held.

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The manner of taking and recording any vote for election of Board Members, for amendments of this Charter or for other matters as the Board may deem appropriate may be set by direction of the Board at any time, including at such General Meeting or Board meeting. The outcome of all votes taken and completed at the meeting will be recorded by the Secretary.

VIII   Financial Management

Annual member dues shall be set or changed by resolution of the Board. Defining and managing the way and means of collecting dues will reside with the Board.

Corporate and individual sponsorships shall be accepted. Sponsorship may be in the form of cash or in-kind donations. Responsibility for defining and managing the way and means of sponsor recognition will reside with the Board.

Members of the Board, Officers and Planning Team Members are not compensated for their time. Reimbursement for reasonable and necessary expenses for operating the Organization and its events shall be governed by policies approved by the Board and executed by the Treasurer.