Elections and Nominations

2017-2018 ProductCamp Austin Board Candidates


By charter rule, ProductCamp Austin (PCA) will hold board elections during the August 19th ProductCamp Austin 19 event. ProductCamp Austin will continue to accept nominations for all board seats except treasurer and president all the way up to the start of the opening session of PCA19 on Aug. 19th, 2017. The board positions and candidates so far are:


Role Descriptions

Responsible for leadership and overall direction of PCA. Presides over board meetings and PCA planning team functions. Moderates planning committee, builds consensus and breaks ties where required. Serves as the public face of PCA. Responsible for understanding what makes ProductCamp a special group and event and preserving that spirit.

Time Commitment: Ranges from 5 hours a week between events to 10+ hours/week during heaving planning.
Qualifications: Must have served as a PCA board member previously.

Responsible for managing PCA’s budget and accounts payable and receivable. Provides quarterly updates to the board about PCA’s budget status. Signatory for PCA checks. Responsible for non-profit filings with IRS and State of Texas.

Time Commitment: Varies.

Sponsors Chair
Responsible for the recruitment of new and existing PCA sponsors. Drives funding for PCA as an organization and for PCA events. Main point of contact for sponsors and is responsible for establishing, building, and maintaining sponsor relationships. Defines value proposition for sponsorship and sponsorship tiers. Manages sponsors team.

Time Commitment: Ranges from 1-2 hours/week between events to 10+ hours/week during the 2 months before PCA.

Marketing Chair
Responsible for driving messaging execution for PCA events via a variety of channels: social and traditional. Manages the marketing team, and the PCA event website, facebook, and twitter accounts. Coordinates with the Sustainability Chair between events for ongoing website updates.

Time Commitment: Ranges from 1-2 hours/week to 10+ hours/week leading up to events.

Logistics Chair
Responsible for the recruitment and coordination of PCA volunteers for a variety of activities. Runs PCA registration, setup and teardown, onsite vendor coordination, timekeepers and note-takers, materials and giveaways, and coordination with the PCA venue(s). Manages logistics team. Maintains PCA master project plan.

Time Commitment: Ranges from 1-2 hours/week to 10+ hours/week leading up to events. Is usually the first person to show up and the last to leave from PCA events.

Sessions Chair
Responsible for the recruitment of volunteer-led sessions at PCA events. Determines what types of sessions are in-demand, and drives PCA members to offer sessions. Runs the voting process on the day of PCA events where applicable. Manages the sessions team.

Time Commitment: Ranges from 1-2 hour/week to 10+ hours/week leading up to events.

Employer Relations Chair
This relatively new board was added in 2015 and is responsible forming relationships with Austin area employers. Understands employer needs in the product management, product marketing and related areas and advises PCA of how to address these needs. Responsible for leading and organizing recruiting-roundup. Manages the employer relations team.

Time Commitment: Ranges from 2-3 hours/week.

Sustainability Chair / Secretary
Responsible for defining the ongoing strategy and path to sustain and grow PCA as a mature organization for the product management and marketing community. Manages the non-event PCA website, responsible for capturing and maintaining PCA event content after-the-fact, and advising the board on how to evolve the PCA organization for the future. Manages the sustainability team.

Time Commitment: Ranges from 3-5 hours/week.

Important Dates

  • August 5, 2017 – Nomination submission deadline
  • August 8, 2017 – Reviews by Nomination Review Committee
  • August 19, 2017 – Voting at ProductCamp Austin 19


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