ProductCamp Austin Board of Directors


Since the first ProductCamp Austin in 2008, PCA has been an ad-hoc organization focused on delivering the highest quality ProductCamps to the Central Texas product management and marketing community. During that time, the community has asked for ProductCamp to become more and provide more – and ProductCamp has delivered, adding new events like ProductPotluck and ProductParty. Now, ProductCamp Austin has made the next step in its maturation, forming a corporate entity chartered in Texas, moving from an informal planning team to a Board elected by its participants – in a style congruent with the origins of ProductCamp Austin events, and is an official 501c(6) non-profit organization.

The following Members, and specific roles, on the ProductCamp Austin Board of Directors were elected during the ProductCamp Austin Summer un-conference held on Aug 6th, 2016.


Donna Imam

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Dan Crean

Logistics Chair
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Morgan Van Baren

Sponsors Chair
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Greg Kincade

Marketing Chair
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John Milburn

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Genevieve Wong

Sessions Chair
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Roger L. Cauvin

Sustainability Chair
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Ravel Thai

Employer Relations Chair
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Team Leads

Team Leads are non-voting members of the extended team that champion important functions of ProductCamp Austin.

Brittany Davis

Logistics Lead

Maezlin Avila Taylor

Social Media Lead

Madhav Ayyagari

Employer Relations Lead

Jay Kruemcke

Sponsors Lead


Emeritus Advisors

Appointed by the Board, Emeritus Advisors have previously served on the Board. Advisors are non-voting members of the Board for consultation and use of their contacts.

Paul Young