ProductCamp Austin Board of Directors

Since the first ProductCamp Austin in 2008, PCA has been an ad-hoc organization focused on delivering the highest quality ProductCamps to the Central Texas product management and marketing community. During that time, the community has asked for ProductCamp to become more and provide more – and ProductCamp has delivered, adding new events like ProductPotluck and ProductParty. Now, ProductCamp Austin has made the next step in its maturation, forming a corporate entity chartered in Texas, moving from an informal planning team to a Board elected by its participants – in a style congruent with the origins of ProductCamp Austin events, and is an official 501c(6) non-profit organization.

The following Members, and specific roles, on the ProductCamp Austin Board of Directors were elected at the Summer ProductCamp, held on August 19th, 2017.


Responsible for leadership and overall direction of PCA. Presides over board meetings and PCA planning team functions. Moderates planning committee, builds consensus and breaks ties where required. Serves as the public face of PCA. Responsible for understanding what makes ProductCamp a special group and event and preserving that spirit.Time Commitment: Ranges from 5 hours a week between events to 10+ hours/week during heaving planning. Qualifications: Must have served as a PCA planning team lead/board member at least once.

Donna Imam

Donna Imam runs Austin based b2b tech product management and software development firm, Inteleaf.
For more, follow her on LinkedIn (where she blogs) or Facebook.

Manages the finances of the organization. Responsible for managing PCA’s budget and accounts payable and receivable. Responsible for processing payments, paying vendors in a timely fashion, maintaining the budget and ledger. Provides quarterly updates to the board about PCA’s budget status. Signatory for PCA checks. Responsible for non-profit filings with IRS and State of Texas. Time Commitment: Ranges from 3-5 hours/week.

Robert Anderson

Robert is the Vice President of Product Management at IDERA, Inc., a developer of B2B software in three primary market segments: database tools, application development tools, and test management tools. Robert leads all product management and software user experience functions for the company. In that capacity, he is responsible to define and execute product strategy and to lead a team of 15+ product professionals who wake up each day seeking to build the best user-focused products in our market segments.

In this role and his previous role as Director of Product Management at BMC Software, Robert managed product management budgets and cooperated with general managers and C-level leaders to ensure a healthy P&L position for his products. His experience guides him as he manages the budget of ProductCamp Austin while his leadership and interpersonal skills help him support the needs of the president and other members of the Board.

Sponsors Chair
Responsible for the recruitment of new and existing PCA sponsors. Drives funding for PCA as an organization and for PCA events. Main point of contact for sponsors and is responsible for establishing, building, and maintaining sponsor relationships. Defines value proposition for sponsorship and sponsorship tiers. Manages sponsors team. Time Commitment: Ranges from 1-2 hours/week between events to 10+ hours/week during the 2 months before PCA.

Morgan Van Baren

Morgan Van Baren

Marketing Chair
Responsible for driving messaging execution for PCA events via a variety of channels: social and traditional. Manages the marketing team, and the PCA event website, facebook, and twitter accounts. Coordinates with the Sustainability Chair between events for ongoing website updates. Time Commitment: Ranges from 1-2 hours/week to 10+ hours/week leading up to events.

Shauna Steib

Shauna is the Senior Product Marketing Manager at fintech startup Tipalti, responsible for all product marketing initatives such as sales enablement, analyst relations, marketing strategy for product launches, and product content on the web. She brings 7+ years of marketing experience to ProductCamp Austin and is passionate about expanding PCA’s reach and adding new members to deliver the most valuable content and premiere networking opportunities for Austin’s product professionals.

Logistics Chair
Responsible for all PCA event logistics and the recruitment and coordination of PCA volunteers for a variety of activities. Runs PCA registration, setup and teardown, onsite vendor coordination, timekeepers and note-takers, materials and giveaways, and coordination with the PCA venue(s). Manages logistics team. Maintains PCA master project plan.

Rashi Jain

Rashi Jain has a passion for exploring new market opportunities and bringing new products to market. With a diverse experience in various business functions (ranging from product management and marketing to supply chain and bookkeeping), she brings her wholistic business understanding and a different perspective to the table. She also enjoys event planning and management, and has successfully executed quite a few events throughout her life. Rashi will bring this passion and experience to ProductCamp Austin.

Sessions Chair
Responsible for the recruitment of volunteer-led sessions at PCA events. Determines what types of sessions are in-demand, and drives PCA members to offer sessions. Runs the voting process on the day of PCA events where applicable. Manages the sessions team.Time Commitment: Ranges from 1-2 hour/week to 10+ hours/week leading up to events.


Genevieve Wong

Genevieve manages mobile apps and ePapers for all seven Cox newspapers across the US, including the Austin American-Statesman. She also has prior experience in product management and marketing at a vacation rental startup and Dell social media services. Genevieve holds a BA in Cognitive Science from UC Berkeley and an MBA from McCombs School of Business at UT Austin.

Sustainability Chair / Secretary
Responsible for defining the ongoing strategy and path to sustain and grow PCA as a mature organization for the product management and marketing community. Manages the non-event PCA website, responsible for capturing and maintaining PCA event content after-the-fact, and advising the board on how to evolve the PCA organization for the future. Manages the sustainability team.
Time Commitment: Ranges from 3-5 hours/week.


Roger L. Cauvin

Roger is the Founder and Director of Products of Dadnab, a service that provides public transportation directions by text message. By empowering teams to make informed product decisions, Roger creates product experiences that transform people’s lives. He blogs at Connect with Roger on LinkedIn and Twitter.

Employer Relations Chair
This relatively new board role was added in 2015 and is responsible forming relationships with Austin area employers. Understands employer needs in the product management, product marketing and related areas and advises PCA of how to address these needs. Responsible for leading and organizing recruiting-roundup. Manages the employer relations team.

Nicki James

Nicki has a 20-year career history in Austin’s software organizations, starting in project management and consulting before transitioning into product management, serving first as an individual contributor before leading high-performing teams. She has always enjoyed connecting and developing people. She has a solid reputation for team and relationship development and is passionate about helping top-notch companies band together to promote product management and marketing thought leaders and partnerships.